Operations Manager

The above position has become available in the Western Cape under the auspices of an Regional  Manager.

Minimum Requirements: 

Report at the office during shift changes, i.e. 06h00 – 17h00

  • Supervision of all Site Managers, Site Seniors and Supervisors reporting to him.
  • Check all night shift supervisor visit sheets daily before 06h30, sign them off, take actions where necessary, file in date order.
  • Daily servicing of clients allocated to you with relevant ISO9001 documentation being utilized.
  • On-going production of Action Plans for all Clients requests\complaints.
  • On-going reports to clients with reference to faults on site which the client must action.
  • Accompany the area Manager and or Regional Manager to clients as allocated to him. To ensure relevant documentation has been prepared and the Area Manager as well as the Regional Manager are briefed with respect to the client.
  • Inform the area Manager immediately of your concerns and\or problems which could be forthcoming from clients and which you believe may be Business At Risk.
  • Production, control and checking of all Fidelity Services Group documentation on sites of clients allocated to him.
  • Night Visits to clients as allocated to him.
  • Ensure that a master file for every client is kept in the filling cabinet and is available to senior management at any time.
  • Every client to have a working file that is an exact duplicate of the master file that is used when meeting clients.
  • Time Management
  • Production of investigation and dockets.
  • Ensure all investigation dockets are registered and reported to Fidelity Security Services Head Office within 48 hours. Ensure all investigation completed within five (4) working days and presented to the Regional Manager.
  • Ensure all vehicle accidents are attended to and that Accident reports are presented to the Transport Manager of Fidelity Security Services within two (2) working days.
  • Control all assets as allocated to him and update the asset register accordingly.
  • Co-ordinate and control the employment of all Security Officers, verification of posting sheet, verification of Security Officer – individual time sheets, discipline, uniforms, inspection of Security Officers, vetting of Security Officers for specific sites, etc; by consulting with the Personnel Department and Area Manager.
  • Inspect all posting sheets daily for conforming to rosters and actual postings.
  • Request changes to rosters from Area Managers.
  • Co-ordinate control and Prioritize uniforms requirements of Security Officers allocated to him.  This includes checking the duty roster, OB on sites, verification of time sheets, ensuring sick notes have been sent through proper channels.
  • Appointed Operations Manager to act on behalf of the respective Area Manager in his\her absence.
  • Ensure ISO9001 is executed.

Key Performance Areas: (not totally inclusive): 

    • Successful coordination and management of posting Sheets
    • Effectively manage a team of supervisors
    • Manage operational meetings
    • Manage leave
    • Manage changes on site
    • Manage absenteeism
    • Ensure discipline on site and within team
    • Do regular site visits and night visits
    • Manage disciplinary action and process
    • Manage abscontions and replacements
  • Payroll
    • Payroll orders
    • Pay queries
  • Assets
    • Firearms
    • Equipment
    • Vehicles
    • On site
    • Accidents
  • Business Growth

Other personality attributes: 

  • Dedicated
  • Disciplined
  • Tenacious
  • Well groomed
  • Punctual
  • Even Tempered
  • Energetic
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Diplomatic
  • Tactful
  • Well mannered
  • Eye for detail
  • Honest
  • Determined

Core Competencies: 

  • Well spoken
  • People management skills
  • Ability to think on the move
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Comfortable with numeracy and calculations
  • Well organised and well structured